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DigitalMarketExpert successfully supports companies to accelerate their business growth in their respective industries and markets. We advise start ups, SMBs, enterprises and NGOs on e-commerce, marketing strategy, business development with a strong focus on their organisational structure and culture to overcome the challenges in the digital landscape. DigitalMarketExpert with a global network of industry experts and thought leaders helps you to successfully plan, focus and execute on your goals and position your company for the future.

Our Mission is to empower your organization and accelerate your business in the digital marketplace.

DigitalMarketExpert Founder Katja Speck

Katja Speck founded DigitalMarketExpert in 2014. She advises organizations on mastering the challenges of digitalization, tapping into new markets, and building and living a culture of innovation. She works with companies of all sizes as well as non-profit organizations in Germany, Europe, Israel and North America, providing them with both strategic advice and hands-on implementation support.

One of Katja’s ventures is ID4me AISBL, a non-profit organization that has developed an open, federated, interoperable protocol for managing digital identities. ID4me advocates for an open internet.

Katja has as well been a member of the initial setup team of SPRIND, Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation, since 2019 and is a lecturer at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). She is well-connected within the tech scene in Europe, USA, Israel for years and already conducted several start up scoutings for companies and investors in Israel.

Previously she held responsible positions in the tech industry for over a decade.

Starting in 2005, she built up the eMarketing division for the international eCommerce specialist asknet in Karlsruhe, San Francisco and Tokyo. Her team provided services to international Software vendors, enabling them to boost online sales and tap into new markets. After the company’s IPO, as VP Marketing, Sales and Business Development, she was responsible for marketing and sales worldwide and played a key role in the company’s growth.

Subsequently, she was responsible for the product shift from books to e-products such as apps, e-books and databases as well as e-commerce activities at the international Reed Elsevier Group. Katja also worked internationally for 1&1 Internet AG, where she was responsible for the international product marketing of eCommerce and applications products.

Katja Speck holds a degree in business administration from Munich University of Applied Sciences and studied a year abroad at the University of Málaga. She regularly speaks on innovation and impact topics at renowned conferences such as the DLD conference. Fluent in English and Spanish, she feels comfortable on an international stage.

Katja has been passionately involved in human rights and environmental projects, working with organizations like WWF, and became a ClimateRealityLeader with Al Gores Climate Reality Project in 2018.

In 2019, she was awarded the “InspiringFifty DACH” award. InspiringFifty is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase diversity in the tech industry by making female role models in the tech industry more visible.

Since Katja has founded DigitalMarketExpert she helped organizations around the globe to achieve their goals. She is an advisor to executives as well as young professionals and brings with her an international network of experts across industries combined with a great enthusiasm to solve the problems of our times.

DigitalMarketExpert North America Co-Founder Bernard Haug

Bernard joined DigitalMarketExpert as the co-founder, North America in January 2021. Together with Katja, founder of DME, the team’s mission is to empower value-driven organizations to achieve their goals and overcome their challenges in the digital landscape.

Bernard is a talented digital marketing and product guru with more than 15 years of experience in international digital business development.

He has successfully managed and executed global product marketing campaigns and business development strategies across a wide variety of industries with a strong focus on SaaS.

He is experienced in creating go-to-market and e-commerce strategies for digital as well as physical products across many industries focusing on new markets and driving sales by leveraging global performance partner networks.

With his bilingual and multi-cultural background, Bernard has a unique talent to advise customers on their digital strategy, marketing, and product management roadmaps to drive customer acquisition and retention results across the US, EMEA, LATAM and APAC regions.

Bernard has a passion for travel, languages, foreign cultures and loves exploring the restaurant scene in San Francisco, skiing the Swiss Alps or relaxing on a beach with an umbrella drink.

Ways to Fight Climate Change at DLD Munich 20

Claudia Kemfert, Hertie School of Governance
Anna-Katharina Alex, Entrepreneur
Andreas Kunze, KONUX
Boris Wasmuth, GameDuell
Fabian Heilemann, Earlybird Venture Capital
JanChristoph Gras, Berlin Ventures
moderated by Katja Speck

“Future Of Work = Communtiy?!“ at DLD Belgrade October 2018

A conversation about the Future of Work, know often called „new work“ with Wybo Wijnbergen, General Manager for Northern Europe at WeWork.
Wybo has been leading the fast growing team to expand WeWork across nine markets in Europe.
The first DLD in Belgrade was held at National Museum of Serbia.

“Pushing the boundaries of AI” at DLD Berlin November 2017

AI and new interfaces are advancing at an incredible speed and impact many aspects of our life and sectors such as society, education, finance or language. In this session, Fabian Westerheide (Asgard), Kate McCurdy (Babbel), Katja Speck (DigitalMarketExpert), Ben Parr (Octane AI) will define the term and the current technological status of AI. What are successful and realistic strategies when companies apply AI. What should companies be investing in and what’s a 20-year fantasy? http://www.dld-conference.com/users/katja-speck

“Opportunities in Digital Marketing“ at DLD Campus Karlsruhe July 2018

A conversation about the opportunities in Digital Marketing with Michael Rohowski, Burda Direkt Services
and André Soulier, Nayoki moderated by Katja Speck, DigitalMarketExpert (in German).

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