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In the Digital Age our economy is based on information technology. No matter which industry, one has to quickly learn to deal and adopt to a variety of changes. We can help you create and execute your digital strategy to set you on the right path forward.

Team building is both an art and a science. Establishing excellent teams is the key for long-lasting success. Great leadership is the foundation . As John C. Maxwell said: “People may hear your words, but they feel your attitude.”

It all starts by discovering opportunities. Once these are clearly identified no matter what business you are in: people are what matters most in business. One of your greatest assets now and going forward is your network. We help you expand it.

Getting to know the startup and tech ecosystem is crucial to your leadership, product and R&D teams and offers an opportunity to cooperate or invest. We discover and assemble the right mix of founders, accelerators, educational leaders and business angels and create your bespoke on-site programs at start up hot spots.

If you are incapable of explaining to your potential customers in a succinct matter, why your solution or service is making his lives easier or better, you’ll fail. We make sure you can deliver an impactful message and we help you define and execute your tailored marketing strategy.

Thanks to rapid adaption of eCommerce, growing your business beyond local borders and breaking into international markets has become a lot more feasible. However challenges are abound and not knowing potential pitfalls will seriously hamper your eSales.

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Katja is an amazing person and I would certainly give her the highest recommendation possible. Rarely do you meet someone so competent, so organized, so well spoken and yet so nice. She has been instrumental in helping us ‘make things happen’ time and time again and has my absolute respect, gratitude and admiration. I’ve seen Katja interact with vendors, clients and employees and she always does so with class, integrity and kindness. Put simply, you cannot help but like Katja, she is an uncommonly wonderful person.

Katja couldn’t have chosen a better brand name for her work. She is in fact a true digital expert knowing everything about digital strategies in different market segments and across the globe. One of the skills I admire most when working with Katja is her ability to build up successful teams in a short time frame. Katja is a hands on entrepreneur and always focussed on the right solution for the customer. She really knows how to develop, built and market digital business.

Katja is one of my first go to contacts when approaching European partners, her ability to find tangible, relevant connections is based on her massive contacts with C level executives in a wide range of corporates and financial institutions.  Katja provides a very professional service, putting the time in understanding the goals of the partnership, streamlining culture differences and taking an active part during the whole process in order to facilitate an operational collaboration.  Along with her high work ethic standards and pleasant personality, working with Katja‘s is a wonderful experience which I personally recommend. Anyone working with her will immediately discover her infectious energy and passion working on a project. I highly recommend working with Katja exploring opportunities in European markets and beyond. 

Sometimes you are just lucky, you meet that one colleague that embodies all of the qualities of their work, completely – that is certainly the case with Katja. We worked together initially while I was at Steganos, I was her customer, she had recently joined asknet and was beginning to build the Marketing Team. Once I joined asknet several years later, we had the opportunity to work together on a day-to-day basis, and by that time Katja had built an excellent team of young marketing professionals. Katja is – always – available, always focused, always prepared. Her team admires her, her colleagues respect her, and most importantly asknet’s customers feel confident in her skills. Katja is very good at what she is doing for asknet, she is asset to that company, and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

I hold Katja in high esteem, on a personal as well as professional level. Her customer focused, holistic thinking, her creativity and her high quality approach lead not only to a very pleasant working atmosphere, most important it is highly productive and result-driven. Katja has an extraordinary network in the digital industry and quickly identifies the right person to get in touch in order to make things happen. Katja stands out because of her communication skills, her curiosity and the high level of empathy and her humour. Katja is an asset to any project because of the very rare combination of her experience, attitude and personal qualities.

Katja has been part of the team since the initial kick off meeting in January 2015 when we actually founded VisualVest. Her profound experience in eCommerce, SaaS, Product Management and Digital Marketing was critical to built our Robo Advisor platform and marketing strategy. Katja helped us to position ViusalVest and built up a high performance marketing team from scratch. I have got to known Katja in the past years as a strategic thinker and trusted advisor who ensures that execution follows the plan. Katja is constantly looking for improvements and always goes the extra mile with a lot of passion to help us achieve our goals. Our Partners and team respect her, value her opinion and expertise and enjoy working with her. An extra asset is her powerful global network across industries.

I worked with Katja during her time with 1&1 when she led our international Product Marketing Team. Katja is a true professional with an outstanding attitude and deep digital knowledge. She always focused on the customer and pushed for the best solutions. Her exceptional leadership skills helped her to build and manage a great multinational team. I really enjoyed working together and highly recommend her for further assignments.

I have worked with Katja as direct management peer at 1&1 Internet and as a partner in her role as Digital Market Consultant in numerous occasions. Doing so, Katja has continuously proven her profound knowledge of digital market strategies. With a clear focus on execution feasibility, Katja has delivered excellent results sustainably helping companies in their digital growth. I can highly recommend Katja as a leading expert of digital market growth. Feel free to get into touch with me for more references on her work.

I started working with Katja when she joined asknet in 2005. Katja built up Corporate Marketing and eMarketing activities for the asknet group in an International Environment. She is as well familiar with all Investor Relations aspects of a publicly listed company. Katja substanitally influenced the growth of the company in the following 5 years driven by her high degree of expertise in eMarketing for Software Publishers, an area where she is a true expert. Beside that her openess to new ideas, her enthusiasm about her work together with her focus on a work-life balance within her team made Katja to a Keyplayer for the company. Her skills and attitudes are beneficial for customers, partners and colleagues. I wish her just the best wherever her future will take her.

Katja and I worked together for several years helping grow asknets global eCommerce. Katja is a dynamic and creative marketing leader. She addresses challenges head on, is hard driving, loyal and a great builder of exceptional teams. Always ahead of the curve, Katja creates ideas to solve problems, develop new business/partnerships, is passionate about her work , the success of her customers , employees and company. I look forward to future opportunities to work with her again and highly recommend her.

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